Uses of AI in journalism

Part of my interest in AI centers on the way it is presented in online, print and broadcast media. Another focal point for me is how journalism organizations are using AI to do journalism work.

At the London School of Economics, a project named JournalismAI mirrors my interests. In November 2019 they published a report on a survey of 71 news organizations in 32 countries. They describe the report as “an introduction to and discussion of journalism and AI.”

Above: From the JournalismAI report

Many people in journalism are aware of the use of automation in producing stories on financial reports, sports, and real estate. Other applications of AI (mostly machine learning) are less well known — and they are numerous.

Above: From page 32 in JournalismAI report

Another resource available from JournalismAI is a collection of case studies — in the form of a Google sheet with links to write-ups about specific projects at news organizations. This list is being updated as new cases arise.

Above: From the JournalismAI case studies

It’s fascinating to open the links in the case studies and discover the innovative projects under way at so many news organizations. Journalism educators (like me) need to keep an eye on these developments to help us prepare journalism students for the future of our field.

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