Week 2

Monday * Jan. 10

Your first assignment is due today. See the link below.

DUE 9 a.m. Monday (via e-mail): Exercise 1 (e-mail your URL to me; use ONLY the e-mail address on the left side of this page, and PLEASE use an informative subject line, such as "MMC 4341 CSS Exercise 1"). Late assignments earn zero points.

If you don't know how to FTP, see this tutorial.

READ Cederholm, Chapter 4 (see Books)

The reading is going to help you do better on your homework for next week. The reading will NOT be reiterated in detail in lectures, so it is to your benefit to read what is assigned.

Focus on these points in the readings:

Free Web Space * * *

UF provides free space for Web pages to all students. However, you should think about getting your own Web hosting. See the About This Course page (Internet Access and Web Hosting) for links and more information!

Supplemental * * *

Create Beautiful CSS3 Typography: A step-by-step CSS tutorial by Matt Ward. Those of you who are interested in design would do well to work through this tutorial on your own -- it would be very helpful to you.