Week 11

Monday * March 21

Enhancing packages with movie clips and dynamic text.

DUE 9 a.m. Monday (via e-mail): Flash 3 (multi-part package with external MP3s)

READ Maps on news websites -- an overview, by Paul Bradshaw

EXAMINE Haiti, territorio devastado (El Mundo) -- in particular, please go to the middle section and look at the selections in the box at lower right:

Screen capture: Haiti, territorio devastado

Notes * * *

If you are interested in using maps in digital formats, you should look into taking a course or two in UF's Geography Department. Check out their computer labs. Courses vary a lot depending on available faculty and grad assistants, but you certainly could add some VERY useful skills (such as how to use GIS) to your repertoire here. They have been welcoming to our students in the past.

Supplemental * * *