Week 1

Thursday * Jan. 6

The Week page (this is a Week page) typically shows only the date for Monday, but everything about a week is on the one page. Lab meets Monday. Lecture meets both Tuesday and Thursday.

It's very important that you come to class this week. You have an assignment due on Jan. 10 (Monday).

If you miss Thursday's class meeting, come and meet with me (during my office hours or by appointment) to ensure that you understand my expectations for you in the first assignment.

Reading * * *

Buy the required books immediately. By next Monday (Jan. 10) you must read Chapter 4 in Cederholm. The books should be in the UF bookstore on campus. If you want to order the Flash book from Amazon or another online seller, PLEASE do so NOW.

Supplemental * * *

At the Journalists' Toolkit site: HTML and CSS links.

Notes * * *

Reading assignments are listed in this syllabus in the week they are DUE. You must always look ahead to know what you should be reading NOW for this course.

Homework to be turned in is listed on the day it is DUE.

Free Web Space * * *

UF provides free space for Web pages to all students. However, you should think about getting your own Web hosting. See the About This Course page (Internet Access and Web Hosting) for links and more information!