Week 4

Monday * Jan. 24

We will wrap up typography and move on to site navigation and color.

DUE 4 p.m. Monday (in class) Exercise 3

READ Cederholm, Chapters 1 and  2 (you may have read Chapter 1 last week; review using the list below)

EXAMINE these four examples of cool CSS-styled navigation:

  1. 456 Berea Street
  2. Stu Nicholls | CSSplay
  3. Inverted Sliding Doors tabs (see the original Sliding Doors technique)
  4. Hybrid CSS Dropdowns (see a working example)

Be prepared to discuss the navigation used in each example. Read Cederholm, look at the examples above, and think about what they did with the navigation and HOW they did it.

Notes * * *

In lab, we will do an in-class exercise with color, using Photoshop. (This will come AFTER the graded exercise.) You will be better prepared if you examine the supplemental links below. The exercise is related to your Portfolio assignment.

Supplemental * * *