The portfolio is a Web site that shows a potential employer how good your Web skills are. It must be delivered in complete working condition on a CD (please, NOT a DVD) by the deadline. The portfolio counts for 30 percent of your grade.

Contents of the Portfolio

  1. A home page or introduction page that introduces the site and your work. This page needs to make a strong first impression.
  2. A brief biography of yourself.
  3. Your résumé, formatted with HTML and CSS.
  4. A contact page (separate from your résumé).*
  5. At least six (6) examples of work you have done in this class. Each example must be on its own page.**

* You may create a contact form if you have your own Web hosting. However, Plaza (ufl.edu) will not allow this.

** These pages must NOT be pop-up windows. Furthermore, they must not be served up by Lightbox JS or any similar overlay technique. They must be on an individual page with a URL. They must include all the normal navigation of your portfolio site.

For the CSS work from class, you may show a screenshot that links out to the exercise you handed in (target="_blank") -- but that exercise page does NOT count as one of the seven example pages.

FIX YOUR ERRORS. For any classwork that you include in the portfolio, I expect you to repair or correct any problems that were identified in the grading.

You may also include a PDF of your résumé, but it is not required.

You may also include work you have done outside this course. Make sure it does not detract from your overall site.

TOTAL: At least 10 separate, individual HTML pages, each of which shows a consistent navigation scheme.


Grading Criteria

Total: 30 points

Meeting the deadline is necessary. Late assignments will be penalized as follows:

–25 percent if delivered after the deadline but less than 24 hours late.

–50 percent if delivered more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours late.

–75 percent if delivered more than 48 hours but less than 72 hours late.

–100 percent if delivered more than 72 hours late.

Examples of Portfolios

The examples do not meet all of your requirements, but they are original portfolios of journalism and Web design work, and they are not all-Flash sites.

A Very Helpful Article

Creating a Successful Online Portfolio (from Smashing Magazine): Includes "12 Principles of Effective Portfolio Design."

More Good Stuff

See my Delicious bookmarks for portfolio+examples. These include tutorials and how-to pages, as well as great-looking portfolio sites.