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ActionScript 3.0 and Flash CS5 are used exclusively in this course. If you have Flash CS4 you should be okay using that version for all assignments. Earlier versions are not acceptable, however.

> Download the NEW spring 2011 syllabus PDF (only 5 pages; 40 KB)

This course is taught at the University of Florida in the College of Journalism and Communications. It is open to any UF student who has completed MMC 3260 with a grade of C or better. You will find it listed under Journalism with the course number MMC 4341L.

Note that this is a design and production course, NOT a writing course. Originality and an interest in visual communication are required. If you have completed the prerequisite (MMC 3260), you are well prepared for this course.

Students in this class are expected to be careful and conscientious in writing CSS "by hand." If you want to do all your work in a WYSIWYG interface, then do not take this course. Some advanced CSS techniques will be taught, but you must be familiar with (NOT expert in) using CSS before the first day of class.

Students in this class complete several exercises and projects in Flash CS5. No previous Flash experience is necessary. A significant time investment will be necessary to complete the required work.

If you have not completed the prerequisite course, MMC 3260, with a grade of C or better, you are NOT PERMITTED to enroll in this course.

However, if you have brilliant hand-coding skills from some other experience, please e-mail me with your URLs to request special permission to enroll without the prerequisite. Some students in the past have persuaded me -- with their work -- to allow them to enroll without the prerequisite.

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