Week 15

Monday * April 18

Wrapping up ...

DUE 3 p.m. Monday (on a CD, in the classroom): Flash Project. Note that there are special late penalties for this assignment. If you choose to work on the Flash Project during the lab today, you will incur a late penalty.

>>> Your Portfolio is due Monday, April 25, at 6 p.m.

VIEW Thinking like a startup for journalists

READ Fresh eyes: What can journalists learn from a web coder?

Notes * * *

I don't know what paths you will follow after you leave this class, but I hope you will tell stories that help people understand the world they live in.

Please e-mail me or come to my office hours if you would like to pursue an online project in an independent study.

Please come to lab on Monday prepared to work on your portfolio! This is your chance to get my feedback before I grade it.

Supplemental * * *