The project is a journalistic Flash package that you have built from scratch. It should be something you would be proud to show to a potential employer. It must be delivered in complete working condition on a CD (please, NOT a DVD) by the deadline. The project counts for 15 percent of your grade.

Topic or Subject

The topic must be one that others can recognize as journalistic. It must NOT be a personal story about vacation travel, a wedding, your family tree, etc. You could do a travel story using photos and videos you shot yourself, but it would need to be fully professional, with no personal shots of you, your friends or family. A travel package would certainly need to include a map.

It may be feature-y; it may be about entertainment or consumer products (but it must NOT be like an ad!!). It may be explanatory, or a "how-to." It does not need to be connected to breaking news.

If you have any questions about whether your topic is appropriate or acceptable, PLEASE discuss it with me in advance.

Contents of the Project

  1. Introductory material at the start that makes it clear to anyone what this package is about and why they should want to explore it.
  2. Two (2) of the following:
    • External MP3 files with functional sound controls (can be interview material; need not be music)
    • External XML loading (text, images, video, or any combination thereof)
    • External SWF loading
    • External video files (NOTE: YouTube videos will not work; you need to have the video files and convert them to FLV or F4V format)
  3. Credits for YOU (the producer) and for any sources of images, factual material, background material, etc. If you use photos or video shot by someone else, be sure to provide full names for those people. LINK to sources when it is sensible to do so.


Grading Criteria

Total: 15 points

Points will be deducted if the requirements are not met.

Meeting the deadline is necessary. Late assignments will be penalized as follows:

–25 percent if delivered after the deadline but less than 24 hours late.

–50 percent if delivered more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours late.

–75 percent if delivered more than 48 hours but less than 72 hours late.

–100 percent if delivered more than 72 hours late.


You have been viewing examples for the past couple of months as you selected packages or graphics to critique. Some of those have been more elaborate or complex than you would be able to complete in only two weeks, but a big package can inspire you with an idea for a smaller, more manageable one.

For additional examples, view my Delicious bookmarks for Flash+examples.