How to Submit Work on a CD

You will turn in your assignments on a DATA CD. Note, I do NOT want any DVDs. Please use a standard CD-R. Do not use a CD-RW.

Make sure you do NOT choose "audio CD" when you burn the CD. This applies even to audio file assignments. NEVER choose "audio CD."

You should not use any special CD-burning software to copy files to a CD. This is like copying files to a USB thumb drive. It's simpler than creating a music CD.

If you need help:

How to Prepare the CD

  1. Use only a new, blank CD-R.
  2. If you are asked to format the CD for Windows, or Mac, or both, choose BOTH. If you are not asked this, don't worry about it.
  3. Copy only the required files (for your assignment that week) to the CD. DO NOT include any unnecessary files! Doing so might lower your grade, because the instructor will not know which ones to grade and which ones to ignore. For that reason, the instructor will just grade some files at random. If they are bad, then your grade will be bad too.
  4. Usually you will not need to name these files with any special filenames. If a special filename is needed, that will be explained on the assignment page. (Do make sure the file extensions are correct.)
  5. After the CD is finished, write your first and last name on it. Also write the name and number of the assignment, e.g., "Audio 2 Part 1." This is quite important!
  6. Use a permanent felt-tip pen or marker to write on the CD. Black is best. The Sharpie brand works very well. If I can't read your name, I will mark your assignment LATE and dock your grade 25 percent. (This will be in addition to any other late penalties.)
  7. Enclose the CD in a paper or plastic case before you hand it in. (This video shows how to make a neat paper envelope for a CD -- you can use a recycled piece of ordinary paper to do it. Nicer than plastic!) If the case or envelope hides your name, write your name on the case. (Note that it is still necessary to write both your name and the assignment information on the CD itself.)
  8. Place your CD on the table at the front of the room at the beginning of class.

DO NOT EXPECT to create the CD after class starts. Doing so will incur a penalty for lateness.

PLEASE NOTE: Any CD that is scratched or otherwise not readable will result in a grade of 0 for that assignment. It seems that some students think they can buy extra time if they turn in a blank CD. Well, those clever kids have ruined it for the rest of you, so make sure your CD works before you give it to me. Just pop it into any computer that is NOT the same computer on which you made the CD and see if you can open the files. That way you will know whether it's good.


Mindy McAdams
Professor, Journalism
University of Florida