Week 13

Monday * April 4

Modular Flash packages: Loading SWFs into SWFs and controlling them.

DUE 9 a.m. Monday (via e-mail): Flash 4 (sliding timeline package)

READ Lesson 9 in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional Classroom in a Book (ACiaB).

EXAMINE The Mekong: A River and a Region Transformed (National Public Radio). See if you can figure out how this package was built. How many SWFs are there?

Screen capture: The Mekong: A River and a Region Transformed

Notes * * *

One of the best things about loading SWFs into a container, or master SWF, is that people who only want to see one or two of your segments will not have to wait for a long download that includes all the other segments they DON'T want to see. Anything that cuts down the waiting time is good.

Taking a modular approach to Flash packages can also make your job easier, in the long run. It's easier to manage 10 little FLAs instead of one giant Timeline!

Supplemental * * *