Flash Exercise 4

FOCUS Journalism package with embedded movie clips

PURPOSE Show your competence with movie clips symbols, text and image layout, button control, and all Flash and design skills acquired to date.

> See the example (note that the example shows only six items, but you must show 10 items).

You can download a heavily commented template FLA from this folder (CS5 only; CS4 versions are also available).

Example for Flash Exercise 4

VALUE 5 points (see Grading):

DETAILS Based on the template provided, create an original SWF with journalistic content about a sequence of events or milestones. (The events may be as recent as you like, e.g. something that occurred this year, or they can go far back into the past.) The template provides a sliding timeline that is well suited for showing a sequence of events with text and images.

This can be an impressive portfolio piece for you if you pay attention to BOTH the design and the journalism.


NOTE that this FLA file may be quite large. If you are using Plaza for your uploads, you might need to delete some files to make room for this FLA.

TIP: If your FLA seems to be getting larger in file size even though you have not added any new bitmaps, SAVE AS with a different filename. I don't know why this makes a smaller file, but it often does. (It doesn't affect the SWF file size.)


  1. Follow the template FLA provided for this assignment, but PLEASE, make your design LARGER. (Maximum width of Stage: 960 pixels. Maximum width of Content movie clip: No limit!)
  2. Choose colors and fonts to suit your subject matter.
  3. Research your subject matter and collect the necessary assets (facts and images). Do not plagiarize. Write in your own words. It will be easier if you research and write your 10 items in MS Word before you begin work in Flash. Gather your images before you begin work in Flash. Resize them in Photoshop BEFORE you import to the Library. Sketching with pencil and paper will also make this assignment easier and less time-consuming.
  4. Create 10 entirely different informational items -- each one with its own clearly readable date and its own image. THESE CAN BE VERY SIMPLE.
  5. To add your items: The content_mc movie clip will include all your 10 items, on many different layers. Lots of layers, and locking them, will help you work efficiently.
  6. Add movie clips and animation AFTER the layout and positioning of the 10 items have been completed. (These movie clips must be in layers on top of the layers containing other visual elements, NOT underneath them.)
  7. Test your movie very thoroughly to ensure that all buttons work properly. (HINT: Try to "break" your button controls by clicking them in illogical and unusual combinations. If they do not break, you scripted them correctly!)
  8. We are now using SWFObject to embed the SWF in an HTML page. The instructions are simple; please follow them for this assignment.
  9. Copy the SWF, the HTML file* and the FLA into one folder.
  10. Upload the folder, containing all necessary files, to your Web site. NOTE: If you are using Plaza, you may run out of space. You can deal with this by deleting older work from Plaza.
  11. Send the two URLs to me (see Requirements, above).

* Make sure that your HTML page uses SWFObject correctly, and that you have uploaded the necessary files to your site.

And PLEASE, test your HTML page on your Web server! I do not like to click your HTML and see a page with no SWF visible to me.