Week 6

Monday * Feb. 7

Drawing, symbols, and simple animation in Flash.

DUE 9 a.m. Monday (via e-mail): Exercise 5

READ Lessons 1 and 2 in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional Classroom in a Book (ACiaB)

Please familiarize yourself with Lessons 1 and 2 before Monday's lab so that you understand them. You do not need to work through them before the lab -- we will be doing that during the lab.

WATCH Flash animation tutorials (after Monday's lab this week):

  1. Start here: Flash Basics: Animation 101 in CS4 (Part 1). This is a very simple introduction to animation in Flash CS4. Note that animation was completely different in all previous versions of Flash!
  2. The second animation tutorial (Part 2) shows you how to adjust the simple straight line of motion.
  3. The third animation tutorial (Part 3) shows you exactly how to animate two different symbols and make them interact nicely. This is what you need to do in your first Flash assignment.

Notes * * *

You must have your book and CD with you in lab this week.

Make sure you have a good grasp of these concepts:

Supplemental * * *