Week 3

Monday * Jan. 17

Your assignment is due on Tuesday this week, because of the holiday. See the link below.

DUE 9 a.m. Tuesday (via e-mail): Exercise 2

READ For the assignment due this week, Cederholm Chapter 1 (see Books) and this article will be helpful.

READ/WATCH The assigned readings and the two videos below are directly related to the next assignment (in lab, Week 4).

  1. Display Typography with Graphics (Web Style Guide)
  2. Combine Typefaces (from "Project: Logos"; this is page 4 of 7 -- you are assigned to read ONLY page 4): Open each one of the linked examples to learn *A WHOLE LOT* about how to choose two typefaces that look great together. (Arrange the pop-up window so that each time you click a different example, it's easy to view, like this.) Note that some of the examples show a BAD combination, so READ THE TEXT for each example to see what you should learn from it. (Peachpit Press articles: Design)
  3. Depending on your computer, Photoshop's "Save for Web" might alter the color of your image. For ways to fix this, see: (1) The Mysterious Save For Web Color Shift (Doug Avery), and/or (2) Photoshop CS3 and Save for Web issues (Tancredi blog).
  4. These Photoshop tutorials (if necessary); you're going to need to know this stuff next week when we do a GRADED in-class exercise in the lab:
    1. The Options Bar
    2. The Character Palette
    3. Introducing Layers

WATCH these videos:

  1. "Typomania" (on YouTube) -- 7 min.
  2. "To a 'T'" (linked on this page) -- 3 min. 16 sec.

Notes * * *

Next week's graded exercise will take place during the lab, and you will need to use Photoshop to complete the assignment. Material covered this week in lecture should prepare you to do well on that assignment. If you need to study up on how to use Photoshop, then use the tutorials linked above BEFORE the Monday lab.

Supplemental * * *