Week 13

Nov. 15 * * *

TOPIC: Maps, Google Maps, APIs, data (more storytelling tools for journalists)

DUE: Nothing

READ (1): A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change, by Adrian Holovaty (Sept. 6, 2006)

READ (2): With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking, by Miguel Helft (July 27, 2007)

EXPLORE (1): ChicagoCrime.org

EXPLORE (2): Los Angeles Times Homicide Map

EXPLORE (3): Islam in Europe (MSNBC)

(See also my del.icio.us bookmarks tagged "maps.")

EXPLORE (optional): The Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters

BLOG: After class, later in the week, write about what you learned today and your reactions. This will be part of your Blogging 3 grade.

Attention! * * *

In TWO WEEKS, your Soundslides 3 is DUE (Nov. 29). This Soundslides will be part of a story package. The package is about one single story, and it will use exactly THREE Web pages (see the assignment).

The package is due in FOUR weeks (Dec. 13) -- and it cannot be late!

Commit Now! * * *

Have you discussed your story idea with me? WHY NOT?

You are required to COMMIT to one issue this week, and stick to it, for your story package.

Next week is Thanksgiving. You had better come to see me on Monday or Tuesday next week!

Data, Charts and Maps * * *

Here are starting points for creating custom Google maps:

Here is a site for getting some tools to create Flash charts and graphs (without Flash):