Story Package

The package will include your third Soundslides assignment. You will plan, design and produce a three-page package about one topic.

  1. The first page will introduce the topic.
  2. Another page will display the Soundslides (see assignment).
  3. The third page will display another facet of the story, such as a map, mashup, infographic or data chart. (It MUST NOT be a text story.)

Download the HTML templates to use in this package (download: 212 KB zipped file named You ARE required to use the templates (this is a CHANGE from an earlier version of this assignment). This way, building your package will be (almost) as easy as writing in your WordPress blog.

(DO NOT change the layout or design. This course is not about design -- it's about journalistic storytelling.)

You can see the templates online, but DO NOT attempt to copy the online versions.

Select an Issue

The primary requirement for the package is that it must be about an ISSUE. You choose the issue. You must COMMIT to your issue by the deadline given in the schedule. No two students can choose the same issue.

All three pages in YOUR package are about one issue.

Kobré covers issue reporting on pages 58 to 83. READ THEM.


Your Soundslides must tell the story -- and make sure it really IS a story this time! As Kobré shows so clearly, you can't tell a story about an issue -- you tell a story about PEOPLE. Through them, we come to understand the issue.

I expect to SEE a strong story.

I expect to HEAR an interesting story, with a clear beginning, climax, and ending.

Why Does It Matter?

In your intro, I expect strong, clear, BRIEF text that immediately clues me in to WHY I should CARE about this story. That first page is the one that links will point to. Its job is to make the viewer or reader feel like there is a good reason to go on to the other two pages.

The intro will also include a photo. It should NOT be the first photo in your Soundslides, but it may be a photo that comes later in the Soundslides.

Both your slideshow and your data graphic will be introduced with a headline and a blurb.

Information Graphic

In Week 13, you will learn how to create Google maps and data graphics. One page in your three-page package must be an attractive graphic that clearly conveys accurate, up-to-date information about your issue.

You will choose the source for the data (and attribute the source, of course). You will decide which data help someone understand the story.


It will be really boring if you repeat things on different pages. And yet, you'll need to tie things together and make everything clear to the audience. You need to figure out the best balance.

Test your finished package on people -- preferably NOT people who are really close to you and will only say nice things. Find out if people have unanswered questions. Find out if they think the story is interesting.


Total: 15 points