Required Work

Work that is submitted late will be awarded zero points.


Graduate students are expected to attend every class. This class meets only 14 times. There are 5 points for attendance. You will lose 1 full point each time you miss class. A half-point will be deducted for leaving before the class ends. Points may also be deducted for chronic lateness.

Audio 1 and 2

Gathering acceptable audio and editing it properly are two key skills in today's online journalism practice. You can put stand-alone audio files into your blog. You will also use audio with Soundslides.

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Blogging 1, 2 and 3

Employers will want to see your professional blog. What, you don't have one yet? Well ... you will! Your blog in this course is a showcase for your work. If you already have a blog, this will be a different one.

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Photo 1 and 2

We can hardly replicate a full-semester introduction to photojournalism in the time we have, but we can at least learn how to make pictures that are usable in journalism stories. You will learn how to shoot with audio slideshows in mind. You will also post photos on your blog.

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Soundslides 1, 2 and 3

Soundslides is used at most online news sites in the United States to create audio slideshows. (See some good examples.) Your first Soundslides might not be a work of genius, but by the third try, you ought to be doing professional quality work.

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Your final Soundslides will be more than just a slideshow alone on a page. You will produce a more complete story package to demonstrate your basic HTML and design skills. You will also flesh out the story with some additional information and assets (possibly a map, for example).

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