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This course is taught at the University of Florida in the College of Journalism and Communications. It is open to master's degree candidates enrolled in this college. The prerequisite is reporting experience. (If you have completed our Reporting course, that is sufficient. You may not take this course concurrently with Reporting.)

You will find this course listed under Mass Communication with the course number MMC 6936.

This course prepares the student to work as a journalist in today's newsrooms where the online and digital platforms are at least as important as the traditional print or broadcast platforms. It is NOT a Web design course. (If you want to learn how to make Web pages, please see the syllabus for MMC 5015.)

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Journalists' Toolkit 2

A follow-up course with an emphasis on video shooting and editing, as well as team online projects, is scheduled for Spring 2008. This course (1) is a prerequisite for that course (2).