Week 2

Aug. 30 * * *

TOPICS: Introduction to digital audio: storytelling, audio gathering, basic audio editing.

READ: Gathering Audio (2 parts): Part 1: Introduction by Brian Storm, and Part 2: A Practical Guide

EXAMINE: Watch and listen carefully to these three Soundslides -- take notes. Bring your notes to class.

  1. Nutcracker
  2. Guitar Lessons at the Central Area Senior Center
  3. Cockfighting in Puerto Rico

Think about what you hear. The audio is quite different in each example.

Notes * * *

IMPORTANT: BRING a pair of headphones or earbuds to class today. You will be editing audio!

Also BRING a USB drive (thumb drive or pen drive) to class. You need to be careful about saving your files in this course.

Your first audio handout is:

Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing (PDF, 236 KB)