Week 6

Sept. 27 * * *

TOPICS: Audio editing (multitrack); use of natural sound; microphones

DUE at 9 a.m., via e-mail: Photo 1 (see assignment)

READ (1): Sound Advice: The Natural Approach

READ (2): Natural Sound Stories: A How-To Guide

READ (3): The Transom Mic Shootout Part 2: Handheld Mics (make sure you listen to all the samples)

EXAMINE: The Art of Listening (from the Chicago Tribune)

LISTEN: Studying a Koala Mystery in Eastern Australia (from NPR; 6 min. 32 sec.). Don't panic if you have trouble understanding the Australian accents. Just listen. This is great with headphones.

BLOG: From the Read, Examine and Listen links for today, summarize the points you most want to remember. (This post will be graded within your Blogging 2 assignment.)

In Class Today * * *

We will be editing audio during class today. BRING YOUR HEADPHONES.

> Audio samples for downloading