Week 5

Sept. 20 * * *

TOPICS: Photojournalism editing for print and Web; photojournalism ethics

DUE: Update your blog

READ: Kobré "B" (see Books)

EXAMINE: Living Proof, from Magnum in Motion (don't worry about the video; pay attention to the photo composition, variety and pacing) -- we will discuss these pictures in class. There is a pause control at lower left, below the photo (roll over to see it). You can also use this control to review the pictures one by one. (Length: 12 minutes.)

BLOG: Take notes as you read the book. When you've finished all the reading, make a new blog post about what you've learned. Summarize the points you most want to remember. (This will be your second photojournalism post. It will be graded within your Blogging 2 assignment.)

In Class Today * * *

We will be editing photos in Photoshop during class today. BRING YOUR PHOTO files from last week.

About Readings from the Kobré Book * * *

All the assigned readings from this textbook are listed in one PDF document, which you can print out. The PDF is linked on the Books page, and you can also just open it online.

The four reading assignments are labled A, B, C and D in the PDF. Exact page numbers are provided there.