Week 7

Oct. 4 * * *

TOPICS: Work day; introduction to Soundslides

DUE: Nothing

READ: Sound in the Story (PDF)

BLOG: Update and post comments (see your deadline for next week); also, make a new post that includes two of your photos from last week (the Photo 1 assignment). This post should say something about your experience of trying to make 20 non-redundant photos about one topic. It will be graded within your Blogging 2 assignment.

Notes * * *

In class next week, you will have time to work on your first Soundslides. You need to come to class with two things already completed:

  1. Your new audio file for the Soundslides, finalized, in MP3 format
  2. All your photos, cropped and toned, resized, saved as JPGs

If I told you to make changes to Photo 1 when it was graded, these changes must be made NOW.

So, use this week to work on those: Record and finalize your audio (see the Soundslides 1 assignment), and if necessary, shoot new photos and/or re-edit the first batch.

Also, update and clean up your blog to meet the criteria for the Blogging 2 assignment.