Week 1

Aug. 23 * * *

Introduction and details about the assignments for this course.

DO NOT miss this class meeting.

Be prepared to stay for the full three hours. Please arrive on time.

Notes * * *

Make sure you get the Kobré book (see Books) immediately.

Reading assignments are listed in this syllabus on the day they are DUE. You must always look ahead to the next week to know what you should be reading NOW for this course.

Check next week's page NOW to see what you need to read -- and do -- in advance for next week's class.

Examples Viewed in Class * * *

The Invisibly Wounded (washingtonpost.com): second story of three, about Marine Lance Cpl. Jim Roberts

Bull Riding Class (mysanantonio.com): Photos and audio by Lisa Krantz, staff photographer, San Antonio (Texas) Express-News

Colombia's Coca Battle (washingtonpost.com): second story of three ("Crops Thrive Across Colombia")

Mommy Goes Boom (ctnow.com): Photos by Shana Sureck, photographer; edited by Beth Bristow, photo editor; both of The Hartford (Conn.) Courant

Extra * * *

Magazine Digital Initiatives: It's not only newspapers that are developing new digital story formats.