Week 8

Oct. 11 * * *

TOPICS: Shooting photos for variety, for story

DUE at 9 a.m.: Blogging 2 (see assignment)

READ: Kobré "C" (see Books)

Notes * * *

Today you must come to class with two things already completed:

  1. Your new audio file for the Soundslides, finalized, in MP3 format
  2. All your photos, cropped and toned, resized, saved as JPGs

You will be using these in class.

BRING YOUR HEADPHONES. You need to hear the audio while you are working in the Soundslides program.

About Readings from the Kobré Book * * *

All the assigned readings from this textbook are listed in one PDF document, which you can print out. The PDF is linked on the Books page, and you can also just open it online.

The four reading assignments are labled A, B, C and D in the PDF. Exact page numbers are provided there.