Week 11

Nov. 1 * * *

TOPIC: Design basics (print and Web). Storyboards. Story packages: What are they? How do you make one?

DUE at 9 a.m.: Photo 2 (see assignment) AND Audio 2 (see assignment) -- upload and send me the links via e-mail BY DEADLINE

READ: Journalism stories: A multimedia approach (Part 1), by Mindy McAdams (Jan. 21, 2007)

EXAMINE: Two story packages

View and take notes on both of these. The Liberians package is very large; don't try to read and watch ALL of it. The "Horses" segment is not very long; please watch the ENTIRE "Horses" segment at least once.

BLOG: Post your notes about the assigned reading and the two Examine links above (optional post; will not be graded). You should also make notes about what you learn during class about planning for story packages.