Week 9

Oct. 18 * * *


DUE: Nothing

READ: Kobré "D" (see Books)

BLOG: Summarize the key points from Kobré "C" and "D." (This post will be graded within your Blogging 3 assignment. Do not try to cover everything -- highlight the points that you personally want to remember.)

Notes * * *

The annual conference of the Online News Association takes place Oct. 17-19, in Toronto. Professor McAdams is conducting a Flash training workshop on Oct. 17 (Wednesday) and speaking on a panel ("Revamping Your Curriculum for Online Journalism") on Oct. 19.

Therefore, class will not meet today. But make sure you are ready to MEET YOUR DEADLINE next week!

About Readings from the Kobré Book * * *

All the assigned readings from this textbook are listed in one PDF document, which you can print out. The PDF is linked on the Books page, and you can also just open it online.

The four reading assignments are labled A, B, C and D in the PDF. Exact page numbers are provided there.