Week 6

Feb. 14 * * *

TOPIC: (1) Discuss your stories for the Shooting 2 assignment. (2) Video shooting; use of the tripod; manual focus; some other manual camera controls you might want to use; in-class practice with tripods and headphones.


READ: How to Use a Tripod: The Basics (this is REALLY GOOD)

READ: Lighting (from Make Internet TV) -- pay attention to the diagrams at the bottom of the page!

READ: How to shoot video interviews

DUE at 9 a.m.: Blogging 1 (see assignment)

Notes * * *

This is a very important class! As you can see, you will be learning to handle more equipment. This will be necessary for your Shooting 2 assignment.

You and your equipment partner will be receiving the video equipment today. The sign-out and sharing procedures will be the same as before.

Today in class, I want you to tell me what the story is, in this format:

"This story is about how Emperor penguins overcome great odds to survive and continue their species."

Ideally, the story is about HOW or WHY. Make the viewer curious and then answer the question you have raised. It's a formula, but it works!