Week 1

Jan. 10 * * *

Introduction and details about the assignments for this course.

DO NOT miss this class meeting.

Be prepared to stay for the full three hours. Please arrive on time.

Examples * * *

Notes * * *

Make sure you get the Bernard book (see Books) immediately.

Also, go to the library TODAY and sign out one of the feature-length documentary videos listed on the Books page. If you want to use a different feature-length documentary, CLEAR IT WITH ME FIRST (via e-mail). It must be feature-length (90 min. or longer) and released after 1985.

Reading assignments are listed in this syllabus on the day they are DUE. You must always look ahead to the next week to know what you should be reading NOW for this course.

Check next week's page NOW to see what you need to read -- and do -- in advance for next week's class.