Week 13

April 3 * * *

TOPIC: Video compression for the Web; how to format, upload and display your video online.

READ: Bernard Chapters 8, 9 and 10, pp. 113-149, PLUS pp. 233-234 (see Books) -- this is for your assignment, due today

DUE: Your pitch (see assignment)

I will be reading your pitch document over the weekend and will get back to you on Monday with questions or suggestions.

From today, you have four weeks to shoot, edit, and upload the video.

Notes * * *

It is to be hoped that a reporter would never need to become a compression guru. In a properly staffed newsroom, there would be producers who knew the ins and outs and who could do this work efficiently. However, you don't want to be helpless, and you shouldn't be ignorant about how your tools work, so this is a pretty important class. I will try to make it interesting!

We will go over how to use Flash to format your video for the Web. This is a very easy technique.

Resources * * *