Week 7

TOPIC Discussion and review of basic photojournalism principles. Emphasis on variety and detail shots.

DUE Soundslides, Part 1

READ Gathering Audio, Part 2, from MediaStorm.org


  1. Upload all of your photos to your own network drive.
  2. Collaborate with assigned partner and choose your best 5 photos.
  3. Rename those 5 with YOUR last name and number them 1 through 5 (e.g. mcadams1, mcadams2, etc.). The order is not important.
  4. Upload your best 5 to the Homework folder on the network.

In class we will review your best photos.


In the coming week, you will shoot photos AND gather audio for a slideshow project. You will NOT use the photos you brought to class today. Details will be given during class today.