Week 3

TOPIC Introduction to audio editing. You will use your audio interview in the editing practice.

DUE Audio 1, Part 1 (please read the assignment carefully)

BRING TO CLASS Your audio recorder AND headphones (earbuds are okay)

READ Truth in audio: Have you crossed an ethical line? (June 8, 2007)


  1. How to edit audio using Audacity
  2. Managing project files
  3. How to export an MP3 file
  4. Hands-on practice

You will have some time during class to begin editing your interview. However, you will not be able to complete the assignment (due next week) during class. You will need to finish it outside of class.


  1. Setting up preferences in Audacity (PDF, 135 KB) -- preferences must be set BEFORE you open the original audio file in Audacity!
  2. Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing (PDF, 236 KB) -- the link to Switch is here


You should download and install Audacity on your own computer. Please follow the instructions given in this handout: Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing (PDF, 236 KB). Please make sure you follow the instructions for LAME as well as for Audacity.

The link for the free file converter program (Switch) is in that same handout.

If you want to use an audio editing program other than Audacity, DISCUSS IT with me first.