Week 4

TOPIC Multitrack audio editing instruction in Audacity.

DUE Audio 1, Part 2 (please read the assignment carefully)

BRING TO CLASS Your headphones (earbuds are okay)

READ Sound Advice: The Natural Approach, by Hal Robertson

READ Natural Sound Stories: A How-To Guide, from NewsLab.org

WATCH Painting pictures with sound, from CNN's iReport boot camp


  1. Quick tips on recording interviews for later editing; "questions after" method; gathering nat sound
  2. How to bring multiple separate audio files into one Audacity project
  3. How to edit multiple tracks (multitrack)
  4. Fade-ins, fadeouts, crossfades
  5. Hands-on practice


Next week you will bring in new audio files that you will use to practice multitrack editing.

Multitrack enables you to mix more than one interview, or an interview with narration, or natural sound (e.g. birds chirping, water noises, road traffic), or all of these in one audio file.


News U has a tutorial called "Telling Stories with Sound," created by New York Times multimedia editor Andrew DeVigal. All News U courses are FREE. You need to register, but that is also free. To find this course, go to the Course List at News U and look under "Broadcast."