Week 5

TOPIC Introduction to audio slideshows. Examples and discussion.

DUE Audio 2, Part 1

BRING TO CLASS Your audio recorder AND headphones (earbuds are okay)

READ The elements of storytelling (March 7, 2008)

LISTEN Studying a Koala Mystery in Eastern Australia (from NPR; 6 min. 32 sec.): Hear it at least twice before class. DO NOT READ THE TEXT.


  1. Story structure: beginning, middle, end
  2. Arc of story
  3. Examples of audio slideshows

You might have time during class to begin editing your audio. However, you will not be able to complete the assignment (due next week) during class. You will need to finish it outside of class.

Handout About Multitrack Editing

Editing Audio with Audacity (Part 2) (PDF, 193 KB)

Optional Reading

Ethical guidelines for editing audio (written by a longtime radio journalist): This document adds information to what you already readabout ethics in Week 3.


Don't panic if you have trouble understanding the Australian accents in the koala story. Just listen. This is great with headphones. I suggest you listen to it at least twice, and the second time, make a list of each element you hear: narrator, jungle sounds, biologists, koalas, footsteps, radio transmissions. How have these audio pieces been mixed together? What is the climax of the story, and when does it occur? How did the journalist arrange the audio pieces so that we were well prepared for the climax?