Week 12

TOPIC In-class review of student videos. Discussion and review of basic principles. Emphasis on getting variety and detail shots.

DUE Video, Part 2

WATCH & LISTEN Chet Rhodes talks about Washington Post video (June 10, 2008)


  1. Upload video to network drive
  2. Viewing -- all videos
  3. Discussion


Amazingly enough, you have nothing due next week! Please use this time to think about a good topic for your final video story. You need to choose something very visual if you want to make a good video! Think of action and motion -- especially if it's something you can get your camera close to.

If you are really smart, you will plan your story by visiting the location this coming week and observing the action or activities you hope to shoot.

Now, can you transform that into a story for Reporting? Where is some ACTION that has a good news angle?


Video Editing and Shot Techniques: Study of jump cuts, match cuts and cutaways (3 min. 38 sec.)

Match Action & Hiding the Edit: A how-to blog post by Shawn Montano, a TV news photojournalist