Week 2

TOPIC Introduction to audio gathering; practice.

BRING TO CLASS Your audio recorder AND headphones (earbuds are okay)

READ Interview Basics, by Adam Weiss

READ The instruction manual for your audio recorder. Specifically, make sure you know how to:

  1. Set the recording format for highest quality (preferably mono, not stereo)
  2. Stop and start recording (pay special attention to Standby vs. Record)
  3. Check the battery indicator (if your battery goes dead in the middle of an interview, that's bad)
  4. Connect the recorder to a computer (to copy files from recorder to computer); you should not need any special software to accomplish this; you might need a USB cable


  1. How to handle your recorder to get clean audio
  2. How to conduct an audio interview


Today's class will prepare you for the assignment that is due next week. Don't forget to READ the assignment there well in advance.

We will edit audio in lab next week. You will need to bring your audio recorder AND headphones (earbuds are okay).