About This Course

Please read about the Required Work. Each week, check the requirements for the following week -- for example, during Week 1, check Week 2 for your assignments due in Week 2.

Course Description

Students in this course learn how to use digital tools in reporting for Internet news sites and other online media. The focus is on using the tools to gather audio and visual material that helps to tell a journalistic story. Students are expected to want to report and to be conscientious about accuracy. Most* assignments will be tied to assignments in JOU 3101 Reporting.

*Your ability to complete your multimedia work for THIS class and written work for JOU 3101 together (on one story) depends largely on you and how well you plan your work.


Students completing this course will be able to:

You won't be an expert at any of these tasks unless you practice them many times. In this course, you'll learn the basics. It will be up to you to apply what you have learned, if you want to become proficient at any of these skills.

Attendance and Attitude

Students are expected to show respect for one another and for the instructor. Attendance and arriving on time for class are necessary. Attendance will be graded. For 15 class meetings, each full-class attendance earns 2 points. Points will be deducted for lateness, leaving early, or inattention (e.g., checking your e-mail) during class. There are no excused absences. All absences, regardless of reason, earn 0 points.

If you have been absent, you are responsible for finding out about any missed material by going to the instructor’s office hours. These matters will not be handled via e-mail.

Mobile devices must be turned OFF during class. Do not check text messages, e-mail, Facebook, etc., during class, as your instructor considers this quite rude and therefore grounds for disciplinary action.

Give your full and undivided attention to anyone who is speaking in class, including your fellow students.

Course Deadlines

Late assignments are penalized; see details in Grading. Assignments are not accepted via e-mail unless requested by the instructor. If an illness or a personal emergency prevents you from completing an assignment on time, advance notice and written documentation are required. The instructor reserves the right to penalize all late work regardless of excuses submitted.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty of any kind is not tolerated in this course. It will be reported to Student Judicial Affairs, and it will result in a failing grade for the course. The university's Academic Honesty Guidelines provide additional details, which you are expected to understand completely.

Students with Disabilities

Students requesting accommodations must first register with the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student, who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when making a request for accommodations. More information is on the Disability Resource Center page from the Dean of Students Office.