Required Work

This course meets once a week for two periods only. Obviously, you will be expected to complete work outside class as well. Please expect to spend at least three hours a week on your assignments for this class, in addition to the two periods in the lab. If this bothers you, please read this.

If you need to use a computer other than the one you own, please note that you are welcome to use the UF CIRCA labs, which have both Windows and Mac computers. Do not offer excuses such as "I don't have Photoshop"; such excuses will not be accepted.

Required Readings

Students are required to read online articles, tutorials and blog posts pertinent to their work in this course. These will be linked on the online syllabus. There is no required book.

Course Requirements

Please make sure to check the online syllabus at least once a week. If you rely only on a printed copy, you may miss a change in the schedule.

Four assignments will be submitted for grading:

  1. Audio 1 (60–90 sec.)
  2. Audio 2 (60–90 sec.)
  3. Soundslides audio slideshow (90–120 sec.)
  4. Video (60–120 sec.)

Each assignment has multiple parts.

Please do not be fooled by the short length of these assignments. It can take five hours to edit 1 minute of audio -- depending on what you gathered and whether you have prepared correctly.

Intermediate assignments must be completed outside of class and brought to the class meetings, as instructed, to complete the assignments.

Attendance Counts

Please see Grading for details.

Quizzes, Tests, Exams

There are no quizzes, tests or exams in this course. Thus your work must be completed, and completed properly, if you would like to earn a good grade.