Video Assignment

You will shoot and edit twice, with two entirely different subjects for your two videos. The FIRST video is a very simple exercise, simply a portrait of someone involved in a close-up activity. The SECOND video is a journalistic story.

Weeks: 11 through 15; FINAL DUE DATE HERE

Grade value: 20 points

> VIDEO CONVERSION instructions

> Gigantic PDF file with Windows Movie Maker instructions (which you should have copied from the Handouts drive in the lab)

> iMovie tutorials are linked on the Books page

Assignment Part 1

Shoot at least seven (7) video clips of one single person doing one repeated close-up activity that involves his or her HANDS. Get a variety of angles and distances, but be sure to get MANY extreme close-ups of their hands and face. Use the five-shot method as explained in class.

The activity may be conducted on or off campus. However, you should NOT use as your subject any person you know. Use a stranger.

Number of clips (separate video files): At least seven (7); bring these to class, unedited, on your camera to upload (don't forget to bring your USB cable)

Due: Week 11

Grading: 2 points - 7 clips that meet the requirements given above

Submitting the assignment: First you will upload your video clips from your camera to the SCRATCH D: drive (in lab). Select your best 7 clips and COPY only those 7 into a new folder. Copy and paste that folder into Homework according to these instructions.

See some examples of EDITED (Video Part 2) videos from past students.

Assignment Part 2

Edit your five-shot-method video clips into a sequence that shows the activity in a coherent, understandable way. You may include more than five shots if you like. You must include at least five shots. The sound is not important in this assignment. Matching the motion from one shot to the next IS important.

See an example of an edited video that meets the requirements. Notice the different angles and distances. Please also note the extreme close-ups.

Length of video: 60 seconds or LESS

Due: Week 12

Grading: 3 points - include AT LEAST five different shots; include at least two extreme close-ups of hands/action or face; match the motion smoothly; length is correct

Submitting the assignment: Copy and paste your single edited video file into Homework according to these instructions. You can bring the file to class on your USB drive.

Assignment Part 3

Your best clips for the final video will be handed in. Audio will be graded in the final part of the assignment, NOT this one. SEE CRITERIA AT END OF PART 4.

The final video must tell a story. These clips must be suitable for telling the story you intend to tell.

Number of clips (separate video files): Exactly seven (7); SELECT YOUR BEST SEVEN CLIPS; bring these to class, unedited, on a CD (not a DVD).

Story summary: Write this as a Word document and include it on the CD. Two or three sentences should be enough. Make it clear why this story is interesting to a general audience. Make sure you convince me that you have a story (WHY should anyone care? HOW is it interesting?) and not a calendar event item! Do not tell me who you interviewed or what happened. Tell me what the STORY is!

Due: Week 14

Grading (5 points)

Points will be deducted for the following:

Submitting the assignment: Select your best 7 clips and COPY only those 7 onto a CD according to these instructions.

Assignment Part 4

Edit your video as instructed and upload the final version (once only, PLEASE) to YouTube by the deadline. (You may use clips in the edited version that you did not hand in last week.)

The YouTube channel for our class is ufjournalism. This is where you must upload the video in order you receive a grade.

The login and password information will be e-mailed to you. (Please check your e-mail and don’t make me resend it to you.)

This section about YouTube was updated on April 18, 2010:

The screenshot below demonstrates how I expect you to title, describe and tag your video. PLEASE INCLUDE A DATE, with the YEAR, and a LOCATION, such as Gainesville, Florida. Make sure you click the SAVE CHANGES button (shown below).



Please keep in mind that sometimes YouTube uploads can be quite SLOW, so do not wait until the last minute to attempt to upload your video.

Length of video: 60 - 120 sec.

Story: Must tell a coherent, journalistic story (hard news not necessary); must be interesting to watch and listen to.

Audio: Must have continuous audio, including at least one good interview, and NO ADDED MUSIC.

Titles and credits: Must have a good title near the beginning AND credits at the end. Credits must include (1) YOUR first and last name; the words University of Florida; and (3) the month and year (you may include other words as well).

Due: Finals Week (see time and date on Week 15)

Grading (10 points)

Points will be deducted if the length is incorrect, or if the video is not on YouTube by the deadline, or if the YouTube title, description, or tags are inadequate.