You must follow the Details link for each week to see your reading assignments and other important requirements. The assignments that are due are explained in Required Work.

Aug. 23/24

Class does not meet.

Week 1 | Aug. 30/31


Introduction to the course. Attendance WILL be counted today.

Sept. 6/7 | Labor Day Holiday

No classes. Yes, this includes Tuesday's class too.

Week 2 | Sept. 13/14


Introduction to audio gathering; practice. Make sure you bring the required gear to class.

Week 3 | Sept. 20/21


Introduction to audio editing. You will use your audio interview in the editing practice.
Due: Audio 1, Part 1

Week 4 | Sept. 27/28


Multitrack audio editing instruction. Examples.
Due: Audio 1, Part 2

Week 5 | Oct. 4/5


Introduction to audio slideshows. Examples and discussion.
Due: Audio 2, Part 1

Week 6 | Oct. 11/12


Photojournalism: Composition, rule of thirds, basic photojournalim ethics.
Due: Audio 2, Part 2

Week 7 | Oct. 18/19


In-class review of your photos. All students' photos will be shown. Discussion and review of basic photojournalism principles. Emphasis on variety and detail shots.
Due: Soundslides, Part 1

Week 8 | Oct. 25/26


Photo editing instruction in Photoshop. Cropping, optimization, story pacing.
Due: Soundslides, Part 2

Week 9 | Nov. 1/2


Introduction to Soundslides (software for audio slideshow production).
Due: Soundslides, Part 3

Week 10 | Nov. 8/9


Introduction to video shooting; the five-shot method. Examples.
Due: Soundslides, Part 4

Week 11 | Nov. 15/16


Introduction to video editing in Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.
Due: Video, Part 1

Week 12 | Nov. 22/23


In-class review of your video. Everyone will see all of the students' videos. Discussion and review of basic principles. Emphasis on variety and detail shots.
Due: Video, Part 2

Week 13 | Nov. 29/30


Video interviews and B-roll. How-to; examples.
Due: Nothing! (Work on your upcoming video assignment.)

Week 14 | Dec. 6/7


Combining one interview and B-roll using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Demonstration.
Due: Video, Part 3

Week 15 | Dec. 13 (finals week)


Due: Video, Part 4 (upload to YouTube)

Key Dates

Classes begin: Monday, Aug. 23
Classes end: Wednesday, Dec. 8
Final exams: Dec. 11, 1317

UF Holidays

Sept. 6: Labor Day
Oct. 1516: Homecoming
Nov. 11: Veterans Day
Nov. 2527: Thanksgiving