Week 7

Tuesday * * * Oct. 7

GUEST SPEAKERS Melissa Lyttle (photojournalist and Gator) and Lane DeGregory (reporter) of the St. Pete Times will join us and talk about how they reported The Girl in the Window. Please view the slideshow and other multimedia before you come to class today. (You do not have to listen to ALL of the audio pieces.) You're encouraged to read the text story, but I want you to think IN PARTICULAR about the photos and audio here.

Expect a couple of quiz questions about the main slideshow.

TOPICS Photojournalism ethics. Multitrack audio editing in Audacity.


READ Kobré “B” (see the PDF on the Books page). You will NOT be quizzed on Kobré.
READ NPPA Code of Ethics (National Press Photographers Association)

READ Mark M. Hancock's PJ ethics during convergence

WATCH and LISTEN Vietnam | Magnum in Motion Length: 6 min.

Notes * * *

Bring all photos (200+) to class today. Bring raw audio to class too. Soundslides instruction. Audio to be edited in the lab (you'll get started, anyway). We'll talk about how to coordinate between audio and photos.