Week 1

Tuesday * * * Aug. 26

TOPIC Introduction to the course. Details about the assignments for this course.

Overview of the changing world of journalism today. Things you need to know about a journalist's future prospects.

If you miss this class meeting, please come and meet with me (during my office hours or by appointment) as soon as possible to ensure that you understand my expectations for you in this course. However, I will not replay the class meeting for you. You'll need to get the notes from another student.

We only meet once a week, and there are only 15 class meetings.

Do not miss this one.

Notes * * *

Reading assignments are listed in this syllabus on the day they are DUE. You must always look ahead to the NEXT week to know what you should be reading NOW for this course. Quizzes will refer to the assigned readings.

Your first blog post is due soon (see Required Work and the Blog Posts assignment), and you need to start thinking about what your blog will be about. Have your topic ideas ready when you come to class next week. (We will discuss blogs in class next week.) Therefore, the readings listed on the Week 2 page are important, and you should read them well before that class meeting.

And yes, there WILL be a quiz in Week 2.

Today's Sites * * *