Week 5

Tuesday * * * Sept. 23

GUEST SPEAKER Donna Davis produces a daily radio show and also works as a freelance voice artist. She will give us professional tips about "voicing" narration.

TOPIC Storytelling; structure of narrative stories. Information about Project 2; team assignments will be made.


READ Kern Chapters 1 and 8

LISTEN to one complete episode of This American Life. TAKE NOTES. You know I'm going to ask you about it on the quiz! Listen and think about writing for audio. KNOW THE TITLE of the episode you listened to. Each episode is ONE HOUR long. Here are two I recommend (but you can pick another one instead; follow the link above to see a list of all episodes):

TAL offers a free podcast, but you do not need to subscribe to listen. You can listen online without even downloading the episode.

LAB Teams meet and brainstorm story ideas. Project editor assigns tasks to be completed by next week's class.

Notes * * *

We will be using Soundslides for Project 2. It is installed in the Weimer labs; you can also download a free trial version that is fully functional. You will edit your audio (again) in Audacity. You will edit your photos in Photoshop. You will NOT have to create any HTML pages.