Week 15

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web


READ Crowley & Heyer pp. 323–327

How did the Internet come together? Roughly, when (decade)? Why was the Minitel (France) popular among consumers? What did TCP/IP overcome? What was the linguistic objection of countries other than the U.S. to the early Internet? Who invented the Internet, and where did he work at that time? Why did he invent it? What was "the right environment" (see p. 327) that enabled mass popularity for the Internet?

READ Crowley & Heyer pp. 328–335

What do the authors mean when they say "remediation"? How is it more than just "recycling"? What were the two "momentous consequences" of Mosaic, the Web browser Marc Andreessen helped to invent? Do you think Wikipedia is a remediation (see p. 331) or something more? The Web cameras section was written before YouTube, etc. How is YouTube different from the surveillance function described in the text? Are IM and Facebook current examples of "hypermediacy"?

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LECTURE Cell phones and other networked portable data devices; broadband vs. slow Internet; no assigned reading today

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