Week 13

State-of-the-art computer, c. 1981


READ Crowley & Heyer pp. 301–311

When did Beniger's "control revolution" take place? What economic and societal changes contributed to it? What is the relationship between communication and control? What are the connections back to the Neolithic Revolution and the Roman Empire (discussed by Beniger)? Look for the ways that communication technologies make possible the advances in distribution and consumption, driving a modern economy forward.

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READ Crowley & Heyer pp. 311–319

What is the technological connection between radio and computers? How did cable, and later satellites, change television signal transmission? What private company was an incubator for both the transistor and the integrated circuit? Why did the use of new military weapons during WWII spur the invention of electronic computers? How did market forces help or hurt the development of new computer technologies?

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