Required Work

See the Schedule page and individual weeks for your deadlines.

Written Critiques

Three short (5001,000 words) printed papers to be handed in on three separate deadlines. The student chooses one example of online journalism. In each critique, the example must be from a different category in a list in your textbook.
NOTE: Graduate students have different critique assignments, due on the same days.
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> Graduate students only

Design Exercises

Five exercises encourage you to improve your skills with CSS, design and Photoshop.

  1. Web page design
  2. Text in CSS
  3. Typography in Photoshop
  4. Color and link styles in CSS
  5. Layout and positioning in CSS

Flash Exercises

Four exercises build on what you will learn in class and from your textbook.

  1. Symbols and animation
  2. Buttons and Timeline control
  3. Package with external MP3 files and embedded photos
  4. Sliding timeline package

Flash Project

The fifth Flash exercise builds on everything you have learned so far. You will create an original journalism package with audio controls, video, loaded XML, loaded SWFs, or all four of these. This project counts for 15 percent of your grade for the course.
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Online Portfolio

You will design and build a complete portfolio of your work in this course. The portfolio should be good enough to show to your potential employers. It will demonstrate your knowledge of CSS and mastery of principles of good design for the Web. The portfolio counts for 30 percent of your grade for the course.
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Lab Attendance

You will receive 10 points if your lab attendance is regular and you complete the work assigned during lab. You are expected to attend every lab meeting in its entirety. Most students will have no problems with this and will receive all 10 points. In the past, some students have regarded the labs as optional and skipped many of them, or left early on several occasions; that is not acceptable.