About This Course

Jobs in Web design require you to know more than how to use Dreamweaver and Flash. Today's Web designers must master CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and understand color, typography and the use of white space. They must also understand usability and accessibility. They need to master Photoshop so they can optimize photos and graphics.

A graduate of our program, working for a large newspaper group, once complained to me that all the applicants for a job at her company were "Flash jockeys" who didn't know anything about CSS or designing for usability. As a result, she could not hire them.


It's impossible to fit everything a Web designer needs to know into a single semester. So, realistically, this course aims to:

You will work hard in this course, and you will be expected to spend as much as nine hours outside class working on assignments each week.

Internet Access and Web Hosting

You must have reliable Internet access to take this class. You will upload assignments to a Web server each week, and you will be required to meet deadlines for doing so. Students may use the free Web space provided by UF. Alternatively, you can pay for hosting from a service provider such as WebFaction or Bluehost.

You are expected to take responsibility for your own Web space and file management.


You are expected to have reliable access to the following applications:

If you do not own these applications, then you'll have to work in UF campus labs. The computer labs in Weimer Hall have limited open-access hours. Other labs on campus DO HAVE the applications listed.

You will be given some time to work during lab, but it will NOT be possible to complete your homework assignments during lab.

Educational pricing for software is much lower than regular pricing. Please see the Books page of this syllabus for more information about software.

You are NOT required to buy any software for this course.

Attendance and Attitude

Students are expected to show respect for one another and for the instructor. One example of this is to look at the person who is speaking, whether it is your instructor or another student. You should NEVER be checking your e-mail or Facebook or your phone while someone is speaking in class.

Attendance and arriving on time for class are necessary. Lateness and absences will result in a lower final grade. Leaving early when you have been given time to work on projects will be considered a sign of poor work habits, unless you show your completed work to me before you leave the room.

If you have been absent, you are responsible for finding out about any missed material by going to the instructor’s office hours. These matters will not be handled via e-mail.

Mobile devices must be turned OFF during class. Do not check text messages, e-mail, Facebook, etc., during class, as your instructor considers this quite rude and therefore grounds for disciplinary action.


Late assignments are not accepted. Assignments are not accepted via e-mail unless requested by the instructor. If an illness or a personal emergency prevents you from completing an assignment on time, advance notice and written documentation are required.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty of any kind is not tolerated in this course. It will be reported to Student Judicial Affairs, and it will result in a failing grade for the course. The university's Academic Honesty Guidelines provide additional details, which you are expected to understand completely.

Students with Disabilities

Reasonable accommodations will be made for any students with disabilities. If you have a disability, the Dean of Students Office will give you official documentation, which you will give to your instructor. More information is on the Disability Resource Center page from the Dean of Students Office.