For your reading assignments, please refer to the weekly links on the Schedule page.

Links on

I will be posting links for you regularly on with the tag mmc4341. These sites, articles and resources are intended to help you improve your skills and stay up-to-date on developments in online design and Web standards.

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Required Books for Everyone

Note that you need to own the textbooks; a Web site for a book is NOT an online version of the book. Assignments are based on material in the textbooks that will not be covered in lectures.

You will need to BRING the two books listed above TO LAB and use them during lab.

The textbooks should be available in the UF bookstore on campus. Note that books about software often cost as much as 30 percent less on

Recommended Books

The recommended books will help you do your best in this course. They are books that many professionals in Web design rely on and value. No assignments will be made from these books.


Note that students in this course are expected to be comfortable with Photoshop. If you managed to complete MMC 3260 without learning Photoshop, then you might need to buy a book to help you.

Flash CS5 Professional will be used continually from Week 6 until the end of the semester. Please note that if you download a free demo version, it will EXPIRE in 30 days.

To manage the files in your portfolio site, it is recommended that you use Dreamweaver. If you want to hand-code everything, that's up to you. But it will be harder, and it will take longer because of the quantity of pages and files.

If you want to work in this field (online design and/or production), please consider buying Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium (Win/Mac) with the educational pricing (about $450).