Flash Exercise 2

FOCUS Buttons and Timeline control

PURPOSE Show your competence in button design and scripting, frame labels and use of ActionScript 3, including the button listeners, functions, gotoAndPlay(); and stop();

VALUE 5 points (see Grading):

DETAILS Create a new, original SWF that contains three different simple animations on the same Timeline. Include three buttons, each scripted to go to and play a different animation. Embed the SWF object on an HTML page, and upload both files to your Web site. Also upload the FLA to to your Web site.



[You will need to install the Flash Player
or enable JavaScript in your browser
to see the missing content.]

Click all the buttons. Click them fast. Click one button five times in a row, very fast. Click them in different order. Notice that no matter how you click them, the functionality is bulletproof. You cannot "break" the buttons. That is good.

Notice also that the three animations are totally different from one another. That is also good.

Notice that the example has a common theme among the three animations. Yours should too. Show off your creativity!


  1. Create an entirely new FLA for this assignment.
  2. Create three new Graphic symbols in the FLA.
  3. Create at least one new Button symbol in Flash. (Do NOT use any buttons from the Common Libraries or from other people.)
  4. Create three entirely different animation sequences -- each one with its own frame label -- and its own stop(); action (see this tutorial). PUT EACH ONE ON ITS OWN LAYER. One animation -- one layer.
  5. Place three buttons on the Stage. Script each button to start a different one of your three animations.
  6. Read these instructions if you have forgotten how to embed your SWF in an HTML page.
  7. Copy the SWF, the HTML file and the FLA into one folder.
  8. Upload the folder, containing all three files, to your Web site. NOTE: If you are using Plaza, you may run out of space. You can deal with this by deleting older work from Plaza.
  9. Send the two URLs to me (see Requirements, above).