Flash Exercise 1

FOCUS Symbols and animation

PURPOSE Show your mastery of simple Flash animation concepts, including use of symbols, layers, keyframes, tweens and ActionScript: stop();

VALUE 5 points (see Grading):

PLEASE NOTE that if you have not viewed the Flash Animation Basics tutorials, you are probably going to waste a lot of time being frustrated by this assignment and doing it wrong.

DETAILS Create a new, original SWF that contains a simple animation with two (2) or more different symbols. Embed the SWF object in an HTML page, and upload both files to your Web host. Also upload the FLA to to your Web host. Please focus on making it look good -- a complicated animation is not necessary.



[You will need to install the Flash Player
or enable JavaScript in your browser
to see the missing content.]

The two symbols in this movie are the hand and the dollar bill. It's obvious that they are two separate symbols that can be animated independently.

Note that your movie will NOT have a replay button. That is for next week. Please do NOT put a button in your assignment this week.


  1. Create an entirely new FLA for this assignment.
  2. Create two new, different Graphic symbols in the FLA.
  3. Create a background design in Flash. (This must be the bottom layer in your FLA.)
  4. Animate TWO DIFFERENT symbols in Flash.
  5. Read these instructions to learn how to embed your SWF in an HTML page. (Flash will do it for you.)
  6. Copy the SWF, the HTML file and the FLA into one folder.
  7. Upload the folder, containing all three files, to your Web site. NOTE: If you are using Plaza, you may run out of space. You can deal with this by deleting older work from Plaza.
  8. Send the two URLs to me (see Requirements, above).