Written Critiques

(Graduate students: Your critique assignments are different!)

These are short (500–1,000 words), double-spaced, print-ready papers to be handed in on each of three separate deadlines. The student chooses one example of online journalism for each critique.

In each critique, the example must be from a different category (your choice, but choose a new category for each one of your critiques) on this list from Chapter 1 in Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages:

  1. Photo slideshow with audio (not included*)
  2. Animated infographic
  3. Story package
  4. Interactivity
  5. Interface or navigation design

* The first category is not permitted for your critiques because most slideshows nowadays are produced with Soundslides or presented in a video player, so the production and design are quite standard (there is very little variation to be discussed).

Each critique uses ONE example from ONE category.

Among your three critiques, you will use three categories.

NOTE: You can read a good example of a critique (PDF, 49 KB), written by a student (used by permission).



Academic dishonesty = a failing grade for the entire course. I am not joking.

  1. The examples do NOT need to use Flash.
  2. The examples MUST be journalism.
  3. Do not use any examples that were shown in class!
  4. Do not use any examples that are in the book chapter (those are all very OLD).
  5. Do NOT use a whole news site (e.g. BBC News, The New York Times, MediaStorm) as your example.
  6. Do not use an example that is only one video or only one slideshow. (Know your categories! They are explained in Chapter 1 in Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages.) If you choose an information graphic, it must have more than one page/screen/frame, and things must MOVE.
  7. Ensure that your example fits well into the category to which you claim it belongs.
  8. Length: 5001,000 words.
  9. Format: Double-spaced, print-ready, MS Word document or equivalent.

Where to Find Packages or Stories to Critique

Some places to find good journalism examples include:

You are NOT restricted to these sites.

How to Turn It In

  1. Make sure your paper is double-spaced, coherent, interesting, and correct in all spelling, punctuation and mechanics.
  2. Make sure the link to your example is complete and clickable.
  3. Save as a MS Word document or equivalent (e.g., Open Office).
  4. Attach it to an e-mail with the subject line "Critique 1" (or 2, or 3) and e-mail it to me at the usual address before the deadline.

Grading Criteria

Each critique is worth 5 points.

Lost points:

Three critiques are required.

Meeting the deadline is necessary. Late assignments always receive a zero.